Source 2050, Architect FAQ's

Introducing: The Source 2050 Window Schedule


Source 2050 continues to innovate in providing an e-commerce experience for designers and contractors creating energy-efficient buildings. In conjunction with the launch of the ENERsign Primus window product line, we have launched a window schedule upload feature that allows you to provide all the information you need to build a quote for your project with one click. You can use your own window schedule, or fill out our template for faster turnaround.   

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To use this feature, simply follow the prompts above to (1) download Source 2050’s window schedule template, (2) enter information into the template, and (3) upload the completed schedule. After completing these 3 easy steps, a Source 2050 representative will review your window schedule and reach out to learn more about the details of your project and guide you along the ordering process.

Our template includes fields for standard specs for any window order, including dimensions, performance data, glazing, operation, finishes, and more. In particular, it focuses on the data that designers in the energy-efficient construction industry find most important. We specialize in finding the right products for any energy-efficiency certifications, so we encourage you to provide information on the certifications you are pursuing for your project.

You are of course welcome to skip the first two steps and simply upload your existing window schedule. This options requires additional time for us to process the information in your schedule prior to outreach by a Source 2050 representative. However, we understand that many designers have thoughtfully constructed window schedules that meet the specific needs of their projects. Our commitment to customer service means we will provide a quote tailored to each customer every time.

We encourage you to test our window schedule upload feature as we work to build an innovative and convenient online procurement experience for energy-efficient construction.