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Advanced Air-Leak Detection with the Coltraco Portascanner

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John Knapp, co-founder of Source 2050, sat down with Bernard Hornung, the Head of Built Environment at Coltraco Ultrasonics, and Kristoff Irwin, principal of Positive Energy, for an episode of Positive Energy’s The Building Science Podcast. 

The conversation centered around a “potentially game changing technology that impacts the ability to confidently deliver Passive House air quality control layers” – the Coltraco Portascanner, available at Source 2050. This innovative new product is a simple, noninvasive instrument to quickly check for air leaks.

What makes the Portascanner so revolutionary is that it allows you to test for air leakage without pressurizing your building. It is useful throughout construction because it can be used anytime, without having to move anything on your job site or performing a full blower door test. Utilizing ultrasonic sound, the Portascanner allows real-time testing of your project’s air barrier.



As Bernard Hornung aptly notes, one of the largest barriers to entry into the Passive House world is the fear of failure. Utilizing the Coltraco Portascanner removes that fear. By measuring air permeability values before a blower door test is conducted, there is no need to worry that your Passive House project might fail that mandatory test for Passive House certification.

Along with a deep dive into how the Portascanner works, John, Bernard, and Kristoff discuss the origins of Source 2050, how innovative solutions can disrupt the market side of building science, the importance of Passive House globally, and the creation of the Coltraco Portascanner.

Listen to the podcast here: Ultrasonics Comes to Market — Positive Energy

Thanks to Kristoff Irwin and Positive Energy for having us on! Positive Energy is a consulting and engineering firm that offers projects a deep level of design resolution. Their team has decades of engineering experience specific to the custom home market. Because they are a mission-focused engineering team with deep expertise, they solve problems in design that result in excellent outcomes for owners. They help project teams create healthier indoor environments and electrify homes with resilient systems that move our society forward and away from fossil fuel-based solutions.

Why Choose the Coltraco Portascanner from Source 2050?

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Detecting air leaks in buildings can be a time-consuming and expensive process. However, with the Coltraco Portascanner from Source 2050, you can easily detect and identify these leaks without hassle. Here are some reasons why you should choose the Coltraco Portascanner from Source 2050:

  • Non-Invasive Testing: The Coltraco Portascanner uses ultrasonic technology to detect leaks, which means that it is a non-invasive method that eliminates the need to dismantle or pressurize the building.
  • Accurate Results: The Portascanner provides real-time results and precise measurements of the air permeability values of your project’s air barrier, allowing for easier and faster detection of leaks.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: As compared to other leak detection methods, the Coltraco Portascanner is a more cost-effective solution that leaves no damage to the building.