At Source 2050, we understand that meeting the challenges of climate change and energy renewability will require an industry-wide commitment.

From architects to contractors to engineers to manufacturers, everyone contributing to the creation of our built environments needs access to the resources and materials that will elevate our best practices.

As regulatory reforms ask us to meet more ambitious standards, incredible innovation is happening in the building materials space, from burgeoning startups to industry leaders investing in research and development.

But it remains a struggle to learn about and source the products that can deliver these results in an efficient, reliable way while keeping pace with project deadlines.

Source 2050 is a marketplace for the best energy efficient and Passive House building products from domestic and international manufacturers. Search and filter products by the specs that matter to you. Create project-specific Spec Lists to share with the rest of your team. Get accurate shipping times and direct chat and telephone support from the manufacturer for every product.

And that is just the start. In the coming months we will be rolling out additional features that will make building efficiently even easier, from advanced fulfillment solutions, to building detail product bundles, to best in class educational resources, workshops and partnerships, together we will build better today to preserve our tomorrow.