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A Home Rebuilt for Barcelona


How do you sell the benefits of Passive House in a climate that is pretty lovely most of the year? Micheel Wassouf, principal of EnergieHaus, which is based in Barcelona, Spain, has been answering this question for more than a decade. During this period his 10-person firm has been increasingly busy with Passive House designing and consulting throughout Spain, and they recently certified their 200th building. But, in his hometown of Barcelona, which borders the Mediterranean Sea and can boast of a temperate climate in winter and summer days meant for swimming, Passive House has been a harder sell. Building efficiency just isn’t a front-burner issue for many, says Wassouf. Indeed, he still had not certified a Passive House project in Barcelona proper until ShowPass, his family’s retrofitted townhouse that was certified by PHI in 2021 as a step-by-step EnerPHit project. 

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